Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Question: Nature vs. Nurture

So since I didn't feel like writing anything today, I have a question I wanted to revisit.

A while ago me and damn near all of my facebook friends were having an argument on whether or not it was NATURAL to be monogamous. It's my personal opinion that it's not NATURAL to be with one person sexually, but societal norm natures us to believe that this is how we should be...

I need to know though, once and for all. Is it natural to be with just ONE person? And if no, then can you blame your partner for cheating on you??


  1. Nature says "no" but your spiritual will (speaking from a Christian standpoint) should be stronger than what nature says.

  2. we are not animals...God gave us reason and logic...just because you have the urge to sex any and everything does not mean it's natural to do may be natural for me to have the urge to punch somebody in the face who disrespects me but it is not natural to hit everybody who wrongs me...bc then I'll be looked at as a nut-case who can't control their anger...we as normal healthy-minded people have the ability to make decisions because we have a conscience...BUT that also depends on your religious beliefs...if you, like me, are Christian, then don't confuse the laws of man (or societal norms) with that of God. I believe we have natural instincts...for example...if you're broke and you have a wife and kids looking to you to provide the basic necessities to survive, but you can' may be your natural instinct to rob somebody...but is it natural to actually do it? I, myself, don't think so.