Friday, August 14, 2009


Michael Vick returns to the NFL by signing with the Philadelphia Eagles. The deal is said to be worth over 1 million for the first year and 5 million going in for the second. Honestly speaking, Im happy for the man. Not because he's playing for my beloved Eagles, but the fact that he gets a second chance. I think he paid his debt by serving that ridiculous time in jail, lost MILLIONS of dollars, and will probably be criticized for the rest of his career.

Every man deserves a second chance, its been said time and time again. Learning from your mistakes makes us stronger, I think someone needs to tell this to the people that are protesting outside the Eagles offices. He served his time, and thats that. Some signs read "VICK SHOULD BE DOING LIFE." You gotta be kidding me, and Im sorry to all animal lovers out there, but knock-it-the-fuck-off, I've never had pets so maybe Im biased, but there's a lot of shit thats going on in this world. Is there this much hype over men that rape women and children? Even guys that commit murder can get less then 10, and Vick should do LIFE? Its sad... he made a mistake and that should be the end of it... What are your thoughts?

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