Friday, August 21, 2009

Feminine Friday (no homo): Ginger+Liz Color Collection

I know it seems like this site is here to overly critique the female species. Don’t take it personally, I LOVE women. I think ya’ll are God’s greatest gift to this world besides Jesus Christ himself.

To prove how much I love you all, from now on every Friday is going to be Feminine Friday on the site… Ok, so probably not EVERY Friday, but every once and a while… We’re going to let one or two females write a piece on selected Friday’s AND I will also interview a woman who has a product or service to offer so they can get their stuff out there. Is that not dope? So if you want to get down with the get down hit me up at
The first female to be interviewed for Feminine Friday is one of my best female friends. I’ve known her over 10 years, and I can’t believe that she has grown into the successful human being that she has; not to say that I ever doubted her. It just blows my mind that somebody I have such a great relationship with is really in the driver’s seat, mashin’ the pedal in her own lane in “the industry”.

Her name is Sara Pickett and if it sounds familiar it should. She has been Ms. Everywhere in her blossoming career. She’s had billboards on some of the busiest streets in Manhattan, and hosted shows for BET and MTV alike, she’s even THE girl on the Motion’s box! She’s been in countless movies and videos, including Jay-z’s Excuse Me Miss and several other high profile, tasteful videos of the same persuasion.

Besides being a highly touted Model/VJ/Actress/Author, Sara is an entrepreneur. She, along with her partner Ginger Johnson, have a DOPE new cosmetic line called Ginger+Liz Color Collection. Obviously it’s nothing that we would rock fellaz, but wifey definitely needs a bottle or seven. The eye-popping colors have equally enticing names like Boy Toy, Swagger and He’s So Into Me. They are a direct reflection of the woman most women yearn to be: Bold yet subtle. Classy yet Racy. Modest yet Adorned.
This is definitely a product that needs to be seen by all. So we’re actually going to do a follow up interview on camera so that you guys can get an actual visual of how dope these colors are. As bright as the colors of Ginger+Liz are, they definitely have developed a product with the age-old adage “substance before style” in mind. Think it’s too good to be true? Here’s a snippet of some of our interview with the owners of this dope new line…

MenWithGirls.Com (MWG): So how did you guys come up with Ginger+Liz?
Ginger Johnson (GJ): Ginger and Liz are our middle names. After bouncing around a number of names we decided to keep it simple and glam. That's what our product is about. We provide small ticket luxury goods to the discerning customer influenced by fashion, entertainment, art, and travel.

MWG: What makes your product unique in comparison to your competition?
Sara Pickett (SP): OMG, its everything! Starting with the names of the nail polish. We put serious thought in making them fun and relatable… The quality, how long it lasts. Our polishes are two-coat nail polishes. You guys (referencing MWG) may not understand what that means, BUT, when you’re in a salon, you don’t want some chick putting on four coats of nail polish and then you have to sit there for 30 minutes while it dries! Who has time for that?

MWG: Which celebrities can you see rocking the following colors? “Heartbreaker”.
SP:Who’s a heartbreaker? Hmmm… Meagan Fox! Hands down, all day.

MWG: “He’s So Into Me”.
SP: Hmmm she has to be loved by everybody. Yet sweet and sexy... I think Sloan (actress Emmanuelle Chriqui) from Entourage. I had an hour long convo with someone the other day and they just kept telling me how she’s so ridiculously hot, yet sweet enough for tea with grandma.

MWG: Ok, so let’s switch it up. I say a celebrity, you say a color… Angelina Jolie?
SP: “Put a Ring on it”. When you see her, she’s just bad and you gotta have her.

MWG: Ok, so the current love of my life is Keri Hilson. If you had to pick a color which would it be?
SP: Everybody loves Keri! She definitely gets “Chase Me”. Men love her, hell, women love her…

MWG: Amberose?
SP: Yo! She is a bad B!T#H! She needs “Gimme More” or “Swagger”. Actually she’s so bad she can get every single color. A different color on each nail, she is the only one who can catch that.

MWG: Ok, Ginger what about you? Who do you see rockin’ your line?
GJ: We've already seen reality tv star Heidi Montag wearing "Swagger" in her soon to be released music video. Swagger is sure to be our cult classic shade and we envision Rihanna loving it as well. It's a cool and edgy metallic color with rose gold undertones. We can envision Michelle Obama wearing "Boss Lady" and we think Oprah would love "He's So Into Me". "Heartbreaker" would look great on Keira Knightley and "Gimme More" would do well for Britney Spears!

MWG: So right now where can people go to pick up Ginger+Liz?
GJ: Prayerfully the site will be up early September. We’re shooting for a 09.09.09 launch date. But you can also find the line at Serenity Spa and April Burton's Suite 303 in New York and Polished Beauty Bar and Stephen Webster salon in Atlanta. Nail salons have been very responsive to our line, excited about it even! Miami and Los Angeles locations soon to come... And of course we’re going to be selling product at you guys event on Aug. 30th at Dolce in Elizabeth, NJ!

We’ll have the on camera interview up first thing Monday. But in all honesty, the product is flat out nuts. As a man, I pay little to no attention to nails at all. But the colors and finish they have commanded my attention. I definitely have a feeling this line is going to take off. You can be one of the first to cop Ginger+Liz if you come out to the “heART Gallery”. Aug. 30th from 6-10pm at Dolce in Elizabeth.

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