Thursday, August 20, 2009


As most of us already know Plaxico Burress of the New York Giants got smacked with today with 2 years in prison for shooting himself in the thigh in a Manhattan nightclub. Two years? I seriously think that being an athlete fucked it up for him, there's no reason in the world to give a normal guy two years for all this. Don't me get wrong, he deserves a punishment but not this... 1000 hours of community service and one year suspension would have made sense, but this is a different time and age. Bad people should be in jail, not stupid people. Fiddling around with a .40 cal in your pocket when you're in no present danger boggles me, but you have to remember that these are athletes, football athletes for that matter. Plaxico Buress, another victim of (cue music) "When keeping it real goes wrong."

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  1. Mike Vick killed a few dogs and gets 2 yrs...Plax shoots himself and gets 2 yrs...Dante Stallworth killed a man while driving drunk and does 24 days!!! Does anyone else see something extremely wrong with this?? You get more time for hurting animals and ur'self, than you do for taking another human life...smh