Sunday, August 23, 2009

1, 2, 3...

So last night I got a chance to check out this place in the city called 1,2,3 Burger, Shot, Beer. Ummm, where the f**k has this place been all my life?? It's hella affordable, with mini burgers for $1, all types of shots for $2 (pause) and beer for $3 (Hence the name). Top it all off, they close at 4 in the morn! How real is that? (Jersey is just so ass). Anyway, its a nice place to "pregame" before going to a party if you want to save money on drinks and it's also perfect to go to after a late night of partying when you want to grab something to eat. Located on 10th ave between 50th & 51st streets. I will definitely be going back and you guys should do the same. Peace!

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