Thursday, July 30, 2009

Your Time to Shine...

So I know I ALWAYS make fun of all the girls who SWEAR they are models on facebook and myspace. Im not sorry, but I want you guys to prove me wrong. The next heART gallery, like we had live painting at the last, we're going to have a LIVE PHOTO SHOOT!!! Over the next couple of weeks we will narrow down all the pictures we receive to THREE models & award them with professional photography from Mary Grace Oania (google her) to help start their portfolio!!! Dope right? So if you have friends/cousins/co-workers/etc. tell them to send in a pic (I don't need to see you half naked, BUT, if you want to send those they can DEFINITELY be looked over) to my email address which is, or Tex @ or Femi @ Serious inquiries only. We will also be supplying hair and makeup for you too, how dope is that?

This is for HIGH FASHION models ONLY. Not for those of you who are aspiring to be in XXL or Playboy or Gucci Man's new video. If you want to do those things, we CAN help you, but this event is geared towards another genre of model...

So if you're looking for a chance, or you've been plotting entering the industry and think you have what it takes, hit us up. This will be an on scene shoot, with onlookers, just like you'd have at ANY other shoot. Please be prepared to take direction and more importantly, work. We look forward to helping you launch a CAREER!

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