Monday, July 27, 2009

Tex Message : THE LACE FRONT WEAVE | a poem written by me..for you

Lace Front Weave

The hood need a wake up
These women getting shape ups
A weave that looks disgusting
With fake lashes and make up.

I thought I seen it at all
Half these bitches bald
Got the nerve to wrap it up
When they hit the mall

My your doo is ass
Shows a lack of class
I’d rather bag a white girl
With very little ass

We all are making fun of you
And the things you chose to do
With hairstyles of such poor taste
I wonder what is wrong with you

And the reason why we hurt
Is because u wear it with skirts
And ugg boots that are faded
Your outfit needs some works

Even worse is that you spent some change
Should have got a bang
Looks like u over did the styling gel
I guess money aint a thang..

Just cause your sweats are pink
Doesn’t mean you’ll get a drink
Cause hair has said a lot
And fucked up everything

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