Tuesday, September 15, 2009

So Long, Farewell...


I want to thank everybody who loyally came through and checked the site out. Knowing that there were people who routinely swung through to read articles and check posts, kept ideas fresh in my head. It takes a lot to try and write an article everyday, but it was definitely my goal for the short-term. 

This site was like a test run to see if my writing was decent, and I'm confident that some of you enjoyed at least a post or two. Going forward I'll continue to get my ideas out in different forums and I'll make them known to you all. So be on the lookout!

I'm thinking about either starting a book or hopping into screen writing. Based off of some of the love I've received on this site it motivated me to want to do something bigger and better. This was a great stepping stone in developing thoughts and ideas, as well as learning about myself as a writer. But alas, my time as a blogger is up.

Thanks for all the kind words man, they meant a lot...




  1. Well, thanks for sharing the thoughts from your head. I don't really know you, never had a conversation with you, but while at A&T, I saw you around a couple times, we're friends on Facebook, and I love reading your work. Know that you do interest and entertain many...even those you don't even know. I have managed to keep a check to see when new things are posted, so now I guess I'll have to semi-facebook stalk you to see what's in the works. Wish you the best with whatever your next path may be!

  2. I concur. I pray that you excel in your future endeavors. You are very talented Rodney.


  3. Aww =( It's been fun...lol Good luck